Thank you again for meeting with me this morning. As usual, I feel significantly better after speaking with you. I apologize that you are seeing me at my absolute worst and appreciate your demeanor and help in seeing things clearly. I meant it when I said earlier that I have the utmost faith that you are going to take care of me and I trust your instinct. You lead and I will follow.
Client – Tom Ausley

Just short of having a decree in hand, my divorce is official as of this morning. Kelly has been awesome throughout the entire process! From the moment I first came to the office and we met, she provided great advice and showed great confidence in making sure all would go well and the divorce would be as good as any divorce could be. She was prepared and stayed on top of things to ensure my goals were met.
Client – Kelly Caperton Fischer

“Beyond your able legal representation, you have provided a touchstone of reason and stability in an environment of unreason and instability.”
Client – Tom Ausley