Family Law Services


GoransonBain Ausley was formed by merging GoransonBain and Ausley, Algert, Robertson & Flores, two of Texas’ most respected family law firms. The combined firm was built out of shared values: to place the client first, work for constructive resolutions to family law matters and deliver exceptional value. Our legal team can help the residents of Austin with the following family law matters:


Deciding to divorce is one of most difficult things you can do in life. And once you take this first step, there are many paths you can follow. We’re here to show you the way.  Learn more.

Asset and Wealth Identification & Valuation

Marriage isn’t just an emotional partnership, but a financial one. When it comes to divorce, we will help you divide your assets and debts in a way that helps you achieve your financial goals. Learn more.

Alimony & Spousal Maintenance

Under Texas law, there are certain circumstances where you or your spouse would qualify for alimony, or spousal maintenance. We can give you clear guidance on how the law applies to your case. Learn more.

Collaborative Divorce

From anger and sadness to worry about the future, divorce is bound to invoke strong emotions. However divorcing spouses  feel about each other, most parents  agree that they want to minimize the impact divorce will have on their children. Learn more.

Premarital and Other Property Agreements

Premarital agreements and cohabitation agreements  can help you start life together on firm footing.  Premarital agreements provide prospective spouses with a framework for identifying the property they bring into the marriage as well as ways to preserve and handle the property in the event of death or divorce. Learn more.

Modification & Enforcement

A divorce doesn’t sever ties between former spouses completely – especially when children are involved. If you believe court orders involved in your case need modifying or enforcing, we can advise you on what to do next. Learn more.

Flat Fee Divorce

If you and your spouse have reached an amicable agreement on key issues such as asset division and the parenting plan, a flat fee divorce could help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and begin building your post-divorce life as efficiently as possible. Learn more.

Child Custody & Visitation

From a child’s point of view, they will have two homes after a divorce, not one. So we work with parents to help them understand that custody is more than something to be won or lost – and that there will still be significant decisions to share. Learn more.

Property Division

Whether it is a new car or a new business, generally all property you acquire during marriage is community property. And when you divorce, this community property needs to be divided. We are here to help you assess what is due to you. Learn more.

Child Support

Food, clothing, toys and school books – raising a child comes with many different expenses. And during a divorce, key decisions have to be made about how such costs will be met in the future. Learn more.


Adopting a child is one of the happiest and most rewarding moments in a person’s life. There may be lots of steps to take between making the decision and giving a child a new home, but we are here to support you all the way. Learn more.


For many couples, the thought of going to court to settle their case can be distressing. If you want you and your spouse to work together to reach an agreement that works for you both, mediation could be the right option for you. Learn more.