Mediation in Texas

Achieving greater control over your family law matter

For many couples, the thought of going to court to settle their case can be distressing. If you want you and your spouse to work together to reach an agreement that works for you both, mediation could be the right option for you.

At GoransonBain Ausley, we attempt to resolve every family law matter through negotiation before going to court. Not only will this save you the cost of litigation, but it can mean greater certainty and less stress about the outcome of your case. One way to resolve your issue outside of court is to participate in mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that takes place away from the courtroom. You, your spouse and your attorneys will meet to negotiate the terms of your divorce or family law issues in conversations guided by an impartial mediator.

Mediators are specially-trained professionals and experts in family law – in fact, they’re often family lawyers themselves – who facilitate discussions between the parties to help them reach a settlement. They don’t offer legal advice, but provide general information about the legal process to help you and your attorneys reach a workable solution.

At GoransonBain Ausley, many of our lawyers are also qualified mediators. Because we’ve experienced the process from both sides, we can make sure you’re thoroughly prepared to take part in mediation sessions – so you can achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Why do people choose mediation?

It’s not unusual to feel like a divorce or family law dispute is out of your hands – particularly if the courts are involved. Mediation gives parties greater control over their case, as well as more privacy. Benefits of mediation include:

  • Directing the process and outcome – you decide the settlement of your dispute rather than leaving it to a judge.
  • Saving costs and time – mediation is cheaper and faster than litigation, allowing you to move on with life sooner.
  • Preserving relationships – protect important family relationships and avoid putting children through the stresses of litigation.
  • Keeping things simple – if you and your spouse are able to agree on the terms of your divorce, mediation offers straightforward, uncomplicated approach.
  • Finding creative solutions – mediation gives you the opportunity to find solutions that are better suited to your individual needs.

If you’re able to reach an agreement through mediation, you can avoid the added disruption and expense of going to court. And if mediation doesn’t work for you, you’re free to explore other options to settle your divorce or family law dispute.

Find out if mediation is right for you

Mediation is a voluntary process. To make a success of it, you and your spouse need to be able to hold constructive discussions with the aim of reaching a settlement you both agree on.

Contact us if you would like more information about the process. We’re ready to discuss your particular case and help you decide if mediation is the right option for you.