Flat Fee Divorce in Texas

A fixed-fee option for divorce

If you and your spouse have reached an amicable agreement on key issues such as asset division and the parenting plan, a flat fee divorce could help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and begin building your post-divorce life as efficiently as possible.

What is a flat fee divorce?

Flat fee divorces are available to clients who want an amicable split and certainty about the costs associated with their divorce. When you opt for a flat fee divorce, you’ll receive a detailed retainer agreement that sets out the costs, such as filing fees – removing the risk of facing unexpected expenses.

Why choose GoransonBain Ausley for a flat fee divorce?

As a family law firm in Austin, at GoransonBain Ausley we have supported many couples with flat fee divorces. From the outset, our goal has been to provide a better approach to family law that pairs sound advice with efficient service, minimizing disruptions to your life

With an in-depth understanding of family law and the challenges of divorce, we will help you:

  • Participate in a structured, amicable and efficient process that gives you control over making key decisions about your post-divorce life.
  • Work towards a divorce decree that is effective and enforceable, should any problems arise in the future.
  • Avoid unexpected and unnecessary costs.

Throughout the process, you will have the benefit of our knowledge, experience and resources. We are here to make sure you and your family are in the best possible position to move on with life.

Is a flat fee divorce right for you?

A flat fee divorce is a good option if you and your spouse have already reached an agreement on the bigger issues of your divorce. For example, if you have decided how your assets will be divided. And, if you have children, if you have made an agreement about parenting time, rights and support.

If you have not been able to make these kinds of decisions, a flat fee divorce might not be a good fit for you. For more guidance on this subject, please set up a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys. Or take our Flat Fee Divorce Quiz to begin exploring whether this would be the right option for you and your family.

How does a flat fee divorce work?

As with any family law matter, the first step to take is to book a personal consultation with an experienced GoransonBain Ausley attorney. We can discuss your divorce, what options are open to you and any questions you have about the flat fee process. Here’s what happens next:

  1. We prepare and file your Petition for Divorce, as well as the Waiver of Service necessary to begin proceedings. If your spouse has already filed for divorce, we’ll file a response for you.
  2. After your petition has been filed there’s a 60 day waiting period before the court can grant your divorce. During this time we’ll help you negotiate your agreed terms and prepare your Agreed Decree of Divorce. If you’re changing your name, this is included in the flat fee.
  3. Once the decree is approved and signed by you and your spouse, we’ll arrange for you to appear in court with your attorney to finalize your divorce.

Although we can’t guarantee your divorce will be finalized by a certain date, you can generally expect the entire process to take 60-120 days.

Can other family law matters be flat fee?

If you have other family law needs, such as premarital or other property agreements, or agreed modifications to child support and parenting plans, we can discuss whether a flat fee approach might be suitable.

For more information on flat fee divorce and family law services, please get in touch. We’re ready to talk through your individual needs and help you find the right option.

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