Leveling the Divorce Playing Field

In those instances where one spouse has superior knowledge and expertise about a specific subject, or has disproportionate control over other areas of married life, the divorce “playing field” may not be level due to a power imbalance. Between spouses, a power imbalance is when both spouses do not have the equal ability or the… Read More

Divorcing a Narcissist (or Any Other Really Difficult Person)

One of the toughest personalities to be married to, or to divorce, is the person who exhibits narcissist qualities. The word narcissist is in the news a lot lately with people frequently using the word loosely to describe anyone who is boastful, arrogant, manipulative, or seems to let emotions control their actions and reactions. Someone… Read More

Facing Your Post-Divorce Future with Confidence

You may be contemplating a divorce or find yourself in the midst of divorce—a divorce you chose or a divorce that you did not choose. Your once clear vision of the future is upside down and you have no idea what the future holds. I have learned a lot from my clients over the last… Read More