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Unusual Employment Benefits: Carried Interests

Posted September 5, 2018, Published by |

Carried interests, which are also known as performance fees or profits interests, are often the primary incentive payment mechanism for general partners and managing members of hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital firms. A carried interest is a share of profits the managers of private equity funds receive as compensation. This method of… Read More

Co-parenting Tips for Summer Fun- Kelly Caperton Fischer- Goranson Bain Ausley - Family Law and Divorce- Texas

Co-parenting Tips for Summer Fun

Posted May 17, 2018, Published by |

Remember the excitement you felt as a child as the school year ended, knowing leisurely summer days were ahead. For divorced parents, this can be a different story.  How can divorced parents work together to create a summer schedule that has the right mix of fun and learning and accommodates everyone’s schedule? Below are some… Read More


Minimize Surprises

Posted April 30, 2018, Published by | ,

Couples facing divorce learn very quickly that a lot of “rules” govern their assets and debts—rules that most married couples do not know exist. The rules (called characterization rules) matter because how an asset or debt is characterized determines how that asset or debt can be divided, if at all. In addition to learning a… Read More

Power imbalance

Leveling the Divorce Playing Field

Posted December 30, 2017, Published by | ,

In those instances where one spouse has superior knowledge and expertise about a specific subject, or has disproportionate control over other areas of married life, the divorce “playing field” may not be level due to a power imbalance. Between spouses, a power imbalance is when both spouses do not have the equal ability or the… Read More